What is Laser?

Laser is a light energy widely used in health procedures. It is safe on any patient as long as some safety precautions on energy amount and protective measures are taken by an experienced professional.

Why is Laser needed?

Laser is very helpful in surgeries. It can make the perfect cut as it is ablative (no bleeding) and sterilizes the area. Besides, it enhances the healing process by controlling unnecessary inflammatory reaction and by shortening the healing time.

Who is a candidate for Laser?

Patients who needs gum surgery will find benefit from using laser. Especially in patients who need gum surgery to expose the tooth to be treated because the dental treatment can be done on the same day. Without the laser, as the gums bleed considerably, it would be necessary to wait 2 weeks for the gums to heal before starting the dental treatment.

What happens during Laser?

Dr. Dohi will numb your gums and once you are ready, the gum surgery will start. It will be painless, with minimal or no bleeding. You will have any additional tretament as planned, and will leave with instructions to follow at home. The downtime is only a couple of days, with mild inflammation in the area treated.

If you think you might benefit from laser dentistry, call us today so that we can get you in for a consultation appointment.