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About Us

We are committed to always be ready to help you and to provide you an amazing experience.

Our team is highly qualified and speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

We value loyalty and look forward to havingĀ  a longlasting and strong relationship with you and your family.

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Meet the doctor

Brazilian dentist with more than 20 years of experience in General Dentistry, Orthodontics, and Esthetics. Dr. Dohi worked in Tampa in a Community Center for the underserved. He opened his private office in 2019 in Deerfield Beach and expanded to a high-end office constructed in 2023.

Dr. Dohi is a passionate professional and recognizes that he owes his growth to the loyalty of his patients who trusted their dental care to him.

Why Choose Us

Our staff is multi-cultural, multilingual, detail-oriented, and very friendly.

We use the newest technology to ensure that we are working with the most accurate information, making it possible to provide the best preventive program and to treat the problems prematurely.

We make our crowns and bridges here using the computer to make the perfect design. And we are very picky with the final color and esthetics.